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  • ​2nd December 2017:

We are pleased to announce the publication of the NMTNG Adult Critical Care and Adult Trauma Ward competencies which are supported by the National Major Trauma and Burns CRG. This is the culmination of over 12 months of work by the adult ward and adult critical care sub-groups. We would also like to thank CC3N with whom the adult critical care sub-group worked collaboratively in producing the adult critical care competencies. 


The purpose of the adult major trauma subgroup.

The aim of the group is to help shape the future of trauma nursing as a recognised sub speciality area of expertise and practice.  The group aims to:

  • Share ideas of best practice and evidenced based care.

  • Empower nursing staff to be knowledgeable and skilled practitioners to plan and deliver the care of patients with complex needs.

  • Empower nurses to appreciate the life changing nature of major trauma.